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The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

Privatization of Warfare, Violence and Private Military & Security Companies in Iraq (a NOVA report)Privatisation de la guerre, Violence et compagnies militaires et de sécurité privées en Irak (un rapport de NOVA)

The security is one of the most profiteering sectors in Iraq. The use of international and local private military & security companies by Iraqi Government, Foreign Embassies, Businessmen and International humanitarian organizations, among others, is becoming very common in the country. The privatization of war is a threat to the human security and human rights of Iraqi people. Iraq is today the most privatized country in the world and nonetheless, is one of the most unsecure places. The private military & security companies (PMSC) are creating more insecurity in Iraq and is the continuation of the occupation with another mask. The publication “Privatization of Warfare, Violence and Private Military & Security Companies” is a major international research with the participation of Iraqi and European researchers, which analyzes the phenomenon of privatization of warfare and the role of PMSC operating in Iraq; scrutinizes the impact of the use and activities of PMSC on the human rights of Iraqi people; explores the legal dimensions of PMSC; and provides a complete list of multinationals and Iraqi PMSC operating in the country. This report has been coordinated by the Institute for Active Nonviolence of NOVA with the aim to provide a factual and legal study to the international debate about the use of PMSC and mercenaries in conflicts scenarios. Furthermore, this publication is an action oriented tool: (1) to build concrete advocacy actions and campaigns to regulate the PMSC sector; (2) to understand this phenomenon in order to re-adapt the peace and human rights strategies and projects; (3) to analyze the violation of human rights, while exploring mechanisms to compensate the victims of these incidents.   If you are interested to receive further information and co-operate in this specific initiative, please do not hesitate to contact Felip Daza, Codirector of the Institute for Active Nonviolence of NOVA. Email:   Download report at: