Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

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Shams Network Report to Monitor the Elections of Parliament Cancellation of Voting for Iraqi Residents Abroad

Background on monitoring Iraq’s 2021 parliamentary elections Since 2005, Iraq has had several electoral experiments and Shams network has played an active role in monitoring the elections as one of the most prominent institutions of Iraqi civil society and its contribution to supporting the transparency and integrity of the elections through the monitoring programs and […]

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Man Acquitted in Wife’s Murder After She was Found Alive

The Siasat Daily In the details of the incident, as per the media reports, the case dates back to July when the young man in Iraq went to report his wife’s disappearance to the police station, where he found himself detained and was questioned. An Iraqi channel published a video of the husband’s confession a […]

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As Its Rivers Shrink, Iraq Thirsts For Regional Cooperation

HALABJA, Iraq — “Where we are standing right now, there should be a river,” says Nabil Musa, gesturing at a dried-up riverbed in northern Iraq. For the environmental activist, the reason the once swirling Sirwan river has dwindled to a trickle lies across the border in Iran, which he says is “controlling all” of the […]

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GCHR’s 18th Periodic Report on Human Rights Violations in Iraq

GCHR The first anniversary marked a prominent WHRD’s assassination    The first anniversary of the assassination of a prominent woman human rights defender, nutrition and fitness specialist Dr. Riham Yaqoub (main photo), was marked on 19 August 2021. A year ago, she was killed by unidentified gunmen who fired rounds of bullets at her car while she was driving near the […]

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Shams Network Report to Monitor the Elections of the Parliament Biometric Registration Process for Voters

An overview of the biometric registration process: The right of all adult citizens to participate in the affairs of their government is the cornerstone of any true democracy, and voting in free and fair elections is perhaps the essential aspect of democratic practice. In order for individuals to exercise their democratic right to elections, there […]

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People with Disabilities Face Election Barriers

HRW People with disabilities in Iraq are facing significant obstacles to participating in upcoming parliamentary elections on October 10, 2021, due to discriminatory legislation and inaccessible polling places, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Without urgent changes, hundreds of thousands of people may not be able to vote. The 36-page report, “‘No One Represents Us’: […]

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The Minorities and Cultural Diversity Path in the Iraqi Social Forum Conducts Training for a Group of Young Activists

On the ninth of September 2021, the Iraqi Social Forum’s Minorities and Cultural Diversity Path conducted training on social diversity and ethnic minorities in Iraq. The training lasted for five hours, from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon, at Info Center organization for Research and Development. Eight activists, female activists, and volunteers: […]

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Shams Network Report on International Monitoring of Parliament Elections

International Standards for Monitoring Elections The presence and participation of specialized and local international observers, and the evaluation of all aspects of the electoral process in countries is of high importance to create a conducive environment for holding elections and a guarantee of assistance in providing political support and the participation of all the different […]

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The Education Path in the Iraqi Social Forum and UFUQ Organization for Development are Implementing a Discussion Session on Distance Education in Light of the Corona Virus Pandemic

The education path in the Iraqi Social Forum and UGUQ Organization for Development was implemented on the eighth of September 2021, through the Zoom application, an online discussion session on (distance education in light of the Corona Virus pandemic). Where fourteen activists and academics interested in education issues in Iraq participated in it to discuss […]

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The Iraqi Social Forum Conducts a Training on the Concept of Voluntary Work

Presented to the Volunteers of the Forum and the Marathon On the 27th of August 2021, at IQ Peace Center, the Iraqi Social Forum conducted a training on the concept of voluntary work for a number of the female and male volunteers within the space of the forum and Sport Against Violence Organization, coinciding with […]

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My Name is My Mother’s, Campaign for Thousands of Children

kirkuknow A campaign is launched by non-governmental organizations in order to register children under the names of their mothers instead of fathers in order to get IDs and lead a normal life. The campaign has been launched on December 25th, 2018 by civic activists, law consultants, and female members of the Iraqi parliament yet it […]

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