Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

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Final Declaration of ICSSI 2022 Conference Sulaymaniyah, 11th-16th March 2022 Introduction ICSSI held its 11th international conference in Sulaymaniyah from 11th to 13th March 2022. Civil society activists from all over Iraq and from abroad gathered in Iraqi Kurdistan for a three-day conference to discuss the current situation within Iraqi civil society. Three years have […]

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Together with NGOs, we campaign for peace Activist Bianca Farsetti MATERA – “On 17th April, the day on which Catholic Easter was celebrated, Turkey launched a new military operation in Iraqi Kurdistan, and in particular in the area of the Sulymaniyah  and Dohuk mountains. Prior to that, the region had been subjected to bombings by […]

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Hanaa Edwar speech – in front of the United Nations Security Council

“As a defender of human rights and an activist for many years in iraq. I worked with my colleagues tirelessly after 2003 to restore society’s awareness to the values and principles of human rights and gender equality. As a civil society community we achieved  tangible achievements in campaigns defending the laws,politics and programs,by strengthen the […]

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Save Iraqi Tigris.. Environmental Campaign against building Dams inside and outside Iraq

Husam Sobhi – Environmental Activist In the year 2013, the Iraqi engineer and founder of “Iraq Nature” organization for environmental affairs and Saving rivers,Azzam Aloosh, predicted that the Tigris River would transform into a small Creek and that would occur due to conflict between neighboring countries, as soon project Alesso was conducted, this prediction indeed […]

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Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq World Press Freedom Day The annual monitoring Efforts of the Press Freedom  Advocacy Association in Iraq /PFAA indicates a similar setback to last year’s record of violations against journalists and press and media workers, through daily and immediate monitoring of all violations. During the reporting period, PFAA monitored (280) […]

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On World Press Freedom Day

A Glimpse of Its Reality in Iraq Ever since the member of English Parliament Edmund Burke (1729-1797) stood in the House of Commons of Great Britain while presenting/ delivering his report in the year 1787 in the presence of the major three ruling authorities in Britain, stating the following: “ There are three estates in […]

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Participatory Democracy Principle in Practice INTRODUCTION The ICSSI promotes, both in its internal and external relations, the establishment of participatory decision-making processes by applying the Consensus Methodology. Participatory processes allow to take collective decisions as they are based on the capacity to include diversities and, thus, by our cultural models and by the group’s dynamics, […]

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ICSSI Internal Regulations

ICSSI Internal Regulations 1.ICSSI ASSEMBLY OF MEMBERS (AoM) DEFINITION AND MAIN FUNCTIONS The Assembly of Members is the ICSSI guiding body. It is responsible for: Supervising the ICSSI Strategy Implementation, and eventual changes that may be required to it due to context transformations. Supervising the ICSSI Coordinating NGO, the Secretariat, the coordinators’ work, the activities […]

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Mission Statement 2014

Solidarity in Action! MISSION STATEMENTThe Iraq Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is an advocacy initiative working to build concrete links of solidarity between international civil society organizations and the growing Iraqi civil society. We support advocacy campaigns and projects that promote human rights, a just peace, and all efforts to oppose sectarian conflict, corruption and […]

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Iraqi observatory for workers and employees’ rights second annul Report

n the light of the economic circumstances Iraq is suffering from – due to the absence of a clear economic vision, rampant corruption and the significant influence on the lives of workers through the great increase in the numbers of unemployed despite the mend in oil prices – the Iraqi workers are still suffering from severe living conditions. Despite seven months passing since the parliament elections procedures, a new government has not been formed yet. The Iraqi observatory workers’ and employees’ rights hence saw the release of the second annual report on the occasion of the first of May for the national workers’ Day.

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Gulf Centre for Human Rights’s periodic report on human rights violations in the Kurdistan region

GCHR Security forces in the Iraqi Kurdistan region continue to commit violations against civil society activists and journalists, as well as clerics and other citizens, who criticise the performance of the local government, or express their opinions in various media and social media. The security authorities violate freedom of opinion and expression, and throw those […]

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