Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

Peace is inevitable; stop the war

Ever since the 24th of February 2022, we have been closely following and monitoring the conflicted Ukraine- Russia war situation and its effects on the lives of both country’s citizens. Hitherto, “war” is never an obscure or foreign concept to us Iraqis but rather a living reality we still witness up until this very day as we understand completely the massive amount of destruction influenced by war to the life of individuals and the society. For we have been suffering for decades. We have experienced the bitterness of war and its psychological and financial catastrophes. in addition to the war’s ability, in any time or setting, to dissolve social cohesion, increase discrimination and refuel sectarian, ethnic and jingoistic drudgery; hence its ability to eradicate social consensus. Social consensus that in normal circumstances would lead to enabling peace and ending conflicts.

We are aware of what wars produce. For that it brings nothing other than demolition and financial and human lost. In addition to disabling all manifestations/sectors of public and private life. Paralyzing the delivery of public services, social functions and economic interests. War also contributes in harming civilians and terrifying women and children. Wars that countries declare against each other are considered repulsive as they don’t represent an alternative which could alter the failure of landing and reaching reasonable solutions via dialogue and negotiation using the right diplomacy as a tool. What Is happening in Ukraine for the past two months is merely a political, economic clashing struggle of influence and interests between Russia, on one hand, and the United states and their allies NATO on the other. The military escalation we are seeing is an early sign of compromising the safety and security of today’s world; with the prominent danger of initiating a whole new world war.

We support the termination of the false compassion and sympathy implied by the countries who are taking advantage of the current crisis to advocate for their narrow interests by managing wars remotely using “Cold War Strategy”. The never ending and continuous providing of the two rivals with armory and military equipment and the constant hurdling of peacebuilding cycle is distinguished to worsen the already complicated scene/situation causing further confusion by also rising the level of intensity; prolonging the period of war and the level of damage.

Moreover, we emphasize on the wise role assigned to International community and other involved parties to implement dialogue and language of reason to avoid shedding more blood. We do embrace the good intentions and good initiatives taken by those very parties that are relentlessly seeking to find a way out of this ongoing crisis via negotiating channels instead of standing still in the name of “impartiality ” or “conservatism”.   We assert on the importance and necessity of: respecting and following International law and United Nations Population Charter and sustaining global peace in addition to honoring international sanctions and regulations; emphasizing the right of people/ population to self- determination.

We condemn this war and what Russia have done and committed. We also condemn the United States and NATO as they keep the malice provoking leading to keep the war going. We are in a position where we announce our support to invite all parties to invest well in all peace efforts to land on fair, comprehendible agreements that suits both parties; protecting civilians from the appalling threat of wars by stabilizing their valid righto live in peace. Peace is inevitable; stop the war.

Iraqi Social Forum

April 21 2022