Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

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Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Flawed Trial of Journalists, Activists

Human Rights Watch Appeals Court Should Consider Flagrant Irregularities (Beirut) – A court in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq sentenced three journalists and two activists to six years in prison on February 16, 2021, in deeply flawed proceedings, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities continue to hold two other people despite a court ruling that there […]

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Turkish Planes Launch Two Raids Near a Village in Aqra District of Dohuk

Rudaw Turkish warplanes launched two consecutive raids, near the village of Membri in dinara district of Aqra district in Dohuk province. At 14:27 and 14:45, Turkish warplanes bombed an area 2 km from the populated village of Membri, the director of Dinart district, Shaban Barwari, told Rudaw media network.On the damage, the district manager noted that […]

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Sports Against Violence-Iraq Holds Its Second Conference

Under the slogan “We build, renew, and continue to progress”, the second conference of Sports Against Violence—Iraq (SAVI) took place online, on 27 and 28 February 2021. Twenty eight members of the organization participate. They were joined by a number of friends and partners who observed the events of the conference. Ahmed Alaa, the out-going […]

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Iraq’s Maritime Heritage Finds a Haven in the Classroom

Al-Fanar Media When he first glided through the Euphrates as a child in his grandfather’s “tarada,” a traditional Mesopotamian boat, Jaafar Jotheri had no way of knowing that nearly four decades later he would wind up working to bring knowledge of Iraq’s maritime heritage to a new generation of university students. “We are surrounded by […]

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Iraq, US to Resume New Round of Strategic Dialogue

Al-Monitor Iraq and the US have agreed to resume strategic talks over their mutual relationship and further US troop withdrawals. Baghdad has requested a new round of strategic talks with the United States over the future of their relationship, including the topic of troop withdrawal. The discussions will start next month. “We look forward to […]

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Iraqi President Says Early Elections Will Go Ahead Despite Insecurity

The National News Iraq is on track to hold national elections in October, but the road will be difficult as a result of the delicate security situation, President Barham Salih said on Tuesday. Mr Salih was asked in an interview with Sky News Arabia whether the elections will be held in time amid the assassinations of activists and […]

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Message from Humat Dijlah and Save the Tigris on the Occasion of World Water Day

Today the world celebrates World Water Day, representing a global opportunity to review water resource management policies and our consumption of the most important natural resource associated with our existence and our livelihood. Today the world is reminded of the many threats to which our water sources, rivers, lakes, ponds, marshes and oceans are exposed, […]

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Water Shortage Crisis Escalating Between Turkey, Iraq and Syria

SavetheTigris “The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, originating in Turkey and flowing downstream over the borders of Syria and Iraq have become a major issue which impacts on diplomatic relations between the three states. However, the people of Iraq have been harmed the most due to the water policies, since parts of the rivers in Iraq […]

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Baghdad’s Mustansiriya Madrassa Ready for World Heritage List

Al-Monitor Iraq’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities announced on Feb. 5 the launch of the rehabilitation project for Mustansiriya Madrassa, a historic school building established in the capital Baghdad during the Abbasid Caliphate in 1230. The ministry refutes the news of restorations in the historical structure that may harm its historical value. Recent photos had spread of four sewage pipes penetrating the complex’s external wall overlooking […]

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Appeal Upon the Launch of an International Campaign “End Cross-Boarder Bombings in Iraqi Kurdistan”

The Christian Peacemaker Team-Iraqi Kurdistan (CPT-IK), the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI), and the Kurdistan Social Forum (KSF) call upon Iraqi and international civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations to join the international campaign to End Cross-Border Bombings in Iraqi Kurdistan. Turkey and Iran have conducted cross-border military operations—bombings, drone surveillance, and attacks by […]

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Monitoring Sources of Financing of Iraqi Parties: A Slogan not Applicable

The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) recently announced its intention to begin monitoring sources of funding for Iraqi parties. “The commission will implement the clause on organizing electoral campaigns for the parties that will participate in the upcoming elections and monitoring their funding sources according to the election law,” IHEC spokeswoman, Jumana Al-Ghalai said. […]

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Iraq: Popular Poet Jaseb Hattab Al-Heliji, Father of Kidnapped Human Rights Lawyer, Assassinated

 GCHR The whole of Iraq was distressed after the news spread of the assassination of popular poet Jaseb Hattab Al-Heliji, father of kidnapped human rights lawyer Ali Al-Heliji, reports the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR). Ali Al-Heliji was kidnapped on 07 October 2019 in the city of Amara, the capital of Maysan Governorate. On 10 March 2021, Jaseb […]

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