Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

Baghdad Marathon – a Race for Peace and Human rights in Iraq

  • We run to make Iraq a free and democratic state.
  • We run because sports promote friendship.
  • We run for freedom.
  • We run so that all Iraqis are equal, with the same rights and responsibilities.
  • We run so that Baghdad is once again a city of peace.

Marathons are held in the most important capitals of the world. They provide an opportunity for athletes from many different nations to meet and compete; and by bringing athletes together to compete fairly, marathons can promote peace and human rights.  In Baghdad we hope to make the dream of such a race a reality.

 Famous athletes and ordinary citizens of different nationalities, religions, cultures, and languages will race in a city free of violence. The Baghdad Marathon will embody our hope that peace and nonviolence always prevail in Baghdad. The Baghdad Marathon can restore Iraqi citizens’ vision for their future — to live in a land of peace, freedom, democracy, and equality.

 The dream of a Baghdad Marathon originated with Iraqis and internationals who wanted to deliver a message of peace to the world. These dreamers were Iraqi activists and members of humanitarian associations who have worked for years with the Iraqi people to promote a future of peace.  They formed an interim organizing committee to promote the Baghdad Marathon. 

 Now it is time to enlarge this International Committee and bring together representatives of the Iraqi authorities, heads of sports associations, members of Iraqi civil society organizations and international supporters, so that the Baghdad Marathon can be held in 2013. The Baghdad Marathon will be a non-profit, sporting event for professionals and non-professionals, held with the support of Iraqi civil society, independent of any political parties. 

 We invite everyone to help to make the dream of the Baghdad Marathon 2013 a reality.

  • We invite athletes to join the our International Sports Group “ Baghdad Marathon” and participate in marathons all over the world wearing clothing displaying “Baghdad marathon” logo
  • We call on international civil society organizations to support the Baghdad Marathon 2013 in their countries.
  • We call for Iraqi sports associations and civil society organizations to join the local organizing committee of the Baghdad Marathon 2013.
  • We call on the Iraqi national authorities to contribute to the realization of this dream

We have already worked together to organize the Erbil International Marathon, in September of 2011.  This race in the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq was a major international event promoting peace and nonviolence. It led to the establishment of the Erbil Running Club, which continues to work to spread the message that sport is an ideal way to build peace.  As we enjoyed together our marathon in Erbil and the generous hospitality of the Kurdish people and authorities, today we look forward to the Baghdad Marathon 2013 where we will meet again and run together for peace.


The Interim Organizing Committee consists of:

Sports Group of  Marathon Baghdad

Babylon Iraq Society

Un ponte per….

Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

Sport  Against Violence Association

 The Committee is open to all. For more information please contact our coordinators:

In Baghdad: Ahmed Alsultan In Italy and from all over the world : Nicola Visconti