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Peace and Freedom Organization in Kurdistan Issues its Annual Report for 2016

The Peace and Freedom Organization (PFOK) is pleased to present its annual report for the year 2016. The report introduces the various activities and projects that were conducted in different regions of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq over the past year.
While 2016 was a difficult year across Iraq as violence and conflict taking place still make the headlines of international news, it was a year that saw Peace and Freedom strengthened as an organization to prepare to better respond to the deteriorating context which negatively affects peace, rights and freedoms. PFOK adopted its new Strategic Plan for the period 2017 – 2020 which was presented during the first conference of the organization which sets an example in building a democratic, transparent and constituency-led democratic organization.
In 2016, PFOK was also able to expand its work outside of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and reach out to governorates of Baghdad, Basra, Diyala, Kirkuk and Ninewa, and launch monitoring of rights and freedoms in these governorates as well as address increasing violence.
This annual report presents the most prominent features of the objectives and the vision of the organization and outlines the different projects and activities conducted within each project by the organization, in an aim to fulfill the objectives it has set for itself. Beside the presentation of studies and reports produced by the organization, finances of the organization are outlined to ensure transparency in regards to donors and expenditures.
PFOK would like to extend its appreciation to all individuals and organizations who are believing in the work of Peace and Freedom Organization and who have contributed to the growing and strengthening of the organization, and it sincerely hope that the year 2017 will be a year of continuous hard work to build peace and contribute to building a just Iraqi society which protects rights and promote freedoms.
If you wish to download PFOK annual report of 2016, click here