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Dhi Qar Youth Send a Message of Love to Their City



ICSSI – Nassiriyah

“I love Dhi Qar” is the name of a beautiful festival organized in Nassiriyah (Dhi Qar province) on Saturday, December 10, 2017. The event has been organized by a hardworking group of young volunteers linked to the Iraqi Social Forum who are keen to highlight the beauty and cultural heritage of their city, and promote social cohesion.

Poetry, music, singing and theater, in addition to private bazars of hand crafts and book fairs spread all over the place within the gardens of the Municipality of Nasiriyah. All were organized by Mashhoofna team with the participation of 14 civil society organizations and a wide number of youth volunteering groups working in the province. Through this event, those Iraqi teams aimed to express their love for their city and their desire to deploy a cheerful atmosphere, showing the civil side of the province.


At the same time, a broad and distinctive number of attendees from various segments of the Iraqi society gathered to follow the event activities, happy to participate and willing to continue organizing editions of this festival for families in the province, thanking the efforts of the organizers.


I love Dhi Qar festival was also attended by public officials and received very good media coverage, conveying the atmosphere of joy in the city. Despite the fact that Dhi Qar city has a large number of intellectuals and artists, it lacks these kind of festivals, which can encourage the youth to belive in their generation, that is able to build new country institutions and promote the interest of the community.

The Mashhoofna team represents an important and promising part of the experience of the Iraqi Social Forum in Southern Iraq. The festival has been organized in partnership with the Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) and the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI), who are now supporting local activists to open a local space managed by civil society to promote the rich heritage and history of the city.

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