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Erbil Helps Thousands of Injured IDPs and Treats Hundreds


Shafaq News

 On Thursday, the first of December, the Directorate of Health in Erbil City, the capital of Kurdistan Iraq, announced that its hospitals are full of injuries of the ongoing military operations to liberate Mosul. It claimed that the hospitals have no capacity nor space to receive more patients, and called for the KRG Ministry of Health to help them in treating those people.

Saman Barazanji, the General Director of the Directorate of Health in Erbil said in a conference held in Erbil that due to the huge number of injured people received by the emergency hospitals in Erbil in addition to the IDPs who visit those hospitals to receive medical assistant, the hospitals are going through an extraordinary situation and need as much help as possible, because the three main hospitals in Erbil are full most of the time.

Barazanji also added in the joint conference with the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Hazim Al-Jumaily and the Representative of World Health Organization Mohammed Hamasha, that the UN should intervene as soon as possible to provide emergency supplies to the hospitals of Erbil.

The military operations of liberating Mosul have caused the displacement of more than 70 thousand of people so far. More than 60 thousand of them fled to Kurdistan according to the statistics of Kurdistan government, which led to further exacerbation of the internal crisis.