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The Invisible Force: A New Report Released by The International Institute for Nonviolent Action – NOVACT


Source: NOVACT
The International Institute for Nonviolent Action – NOVACT, is pleased to introduce our new report “The Invisible Force”, a comparative analysis on the use of Military and Private Security Companies (PMSC) and its impact on human rights in Colombia, Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Thus, NOVACT reinforces and expands its analysis of the privatization of war and the development of transnational military industry and securitarian field.

Furthermore, in order to influence politically at national and international level, yesterday we presented the findings of this report at the headquarters of the UN in New York, in the framework of the Conference organized by the Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries “Privatization of War: impact on Human Rights” with special attention to the impact of PMSCs on the right of self-determination.

To Download the report, CLICK HERE