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Nineveh International Forum on Recovery, Stabilization and Peace

Nineveh path

In the late of March, an International Forum will be held to discuss the stage of rebuilding the stabilization and peace in Nineveh province, in order to get ready after the liberation from Daesh. The forum will be hosted by the Center for Peace and Human Security of the American University in Kurdistan, in Duhok-Semel, Kurdistan region of Iraq.

This first and unique international forum is seeking to gather all the local, national and international key players concerned with the process of rehabilitation, peacebuilding and stability in Nineveh to create space for discussion and debate.

150 participants are expected from all major organizations and agencies working in Nineveh, including the United Nations, international governments, foreign ministries, development agencies, donors, local community representatives, and key tribal, social and religious leaders in Nineveh as well as the Nineveh Provincial Council and local authorities.

The presence of effective and diverse attendance aims to discuss the key issues and the required needs to achieve rehabilitation and peace in Nineveh. Moreover, to improve the coordination and the development of a clear vision and strategy to support the people of Nineveh in stabilization, rehabilitation and building sustainable peace.

In the middle of the escalation of militarized violence, violent extremism and the decreasing of solution to the military side, this unique event will be a great Iraqi and international example for initiatives of rehabilitation and peace-building.

The forum to be held in the 30, 31 of March will mainly include opining interventions of inspirational and criticizing  messages from the main speakers in various points, as well as working groups and discussions sessions to take place in parallel. It is hoped to have five sessions taking place each day to discuss different topics. In additional to that the forum will include cultural activities for peace building, social cohesion and coexistence by the local communities, which will include Youth Theater, Singing Performance, and Joint Messages by the religious leaders from different religions and communities of Nineveh.

This forum will include five main topics:

  1. Civic and community based peace building, social cohesion and coexistence.
  2. Link the recovery and reconstruction with stabilization and peace consolidation.
  3. Healing, reconciliation and transitional justice.
  4. Women building peace and recovery from war.
  5. International support for the reconstruction of Nineveh.

This forum is organized by a coalition of local, national and international organizations, as a cooperation production after the implementation of “Nineveh Paths to Social Cohesion, Coexistence and Peace” project with the Nineveh Provincial Council and the Governor of Nineveh, The project of “Nineveh Paths” was funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and implemented in collaboration with number of Iraqi non-governmental organizations and coordinated by the Department for Peace Operations “PATRIR”and the Italian organization “Un Ponte Per…”.

All agencies and organizations interested in participating in this forum can write to the email address:


To download a detailed paper about the forum, click here