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Female Parliamentarians argue for active participation of women in the new government!

Qurtas News / Baghdad

A group of female parliamentarians argued on Thursday, the political blocs’ leaders to grant women the electoral maturity and their representation in all positions and committees for the next stage in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution.

The MP Rehab Alabboudh, said at a press conference held in the parliament building, with a group of female deputies, “We are a group of members of the House of Representatives have sent an official letters to the heads of the Republic and the House of Representatives and Minister-designate to form the government, to demand that women be given the right to the assumption of the ministries and sovereign agencies, civilian, military and diplomatic sites”.

She added “we addressed also the heads of political blocs and negotiating committees to form a government on the maturity of women in parliamentary committees, according to the constitutional articles 14, 16 and 49/IV, which gives women 25% of the positions in the House of Representatives”.

She continued, “We demand that there be entitlement for women to be given to her at this stage, and the Parliamentarians who signed those requests will have another position in case of the absence and the marginalization of women at this stage”.