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Hatred Pyramid and the Ways to Achieve Social Tolerance


Tammuz Organization for Civil Development held a seminar, with the framework of the Iraqi Social Forum activities to preserve the civil peace, under the title “Hatred Pyramid and the Ways to Achieve Social Tolerance” at the TOSD headquarter in Baghdad on Sat. 23-08-2014. The symposium witnessed a broad participation of official personalities representing the Minister of HRs and Baghdad Provincial council, as well as representatives of the Iraqi NGOs, and social and legal activists.


The symposium was opened by our colleague Evan Alfailli, member of the administrative board of TOSD, with a short speech welcoming the participants, mentioning the participation of TOSD in the Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) activities, after the first national event in Baghdad on 26th-28th Sept. 2013. He also gave a briefing about what are the reasons behind holding this symposium during this crucial time that comes as the first of a sequence of activities that the ISF is planning to hold, which aim to preserve the social peace, involving civil and political activists, intellectuals, journalists, researchers, and those who are concerned with civil peace.

Then the social researcher Eng. Ghailan Al Jobouri presented his paper of the intolerance trends in Iraqi society, what is the role that the official and civil foundations and bodies should play to halt it, and what should we do to overcome the current crisis that is raging the Iraqi society.

After that, the researcher listened to the inquiries and interventions of the participants, which highly enriched the subject of debate.

The participants came up with the following recommendations:

  1. The formation of four committees (or working teams) to be participated by a group of organizations.
    •     Media team
    •     Social dialogue team
    •     Psychological support team
    •     Educational team
  2. Deepening academic education among intellectuals, NGOs, journalists, and politicians. Renouncing religious, sectarian and nationalist intolerance in all its forms, and maintaining the language of citizenship and social justice.
  3. Training groups to work on reducing hatred, or changing attitudes that stimulate hatred or intolerance. Forming work groups of the NGOs to renounce hatred and transmit the spirit of tolerance.
  4. Providing the material and tools of new jobs, amend economy, and adopt economic policies for development to build the country and terminate unemployment and poverty.
  5. Networking between the groups, and activating joint social campaigns to reduce intolerance.
  6. Legislating using norms that will induce the spirit of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.
  7. Respecting all religions and beliefs in Iraq, sponsoring diversity and considering it as a source of power and unity of Iraq.
  8. Promoting the principle of peaceful transfer of authority, holding elections, democratic practices, and respecting the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  9. Organizing the work of media foundations, inducing them to commit to the standards of professionalism and impartiality in delivering the facts, and to be a factor calming the situation and promoting peace, instead of war and fighting.
  10. Activating solidarity campaigns inside and outside Iraq.

It’s worth to mention that TOSD held a number of activities and civil campaigns since 2006, that aimed at promoting the civil peace and peaceful coexistence among all components of the Iraqi spectrum which participate in building global peace.

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