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The Shiite religious man Hussein Ismail Al-Sadr

Hussein Al-Sadr: ِAl-Anbar problem can’t be resolved by force and complexity because of the politicians’ greediness!


Al-Mada Press/ Baghdad

The Shiite religious man Hussein Ismail Al-Sadr
The Shiite religious man Hussein Ismail Al-Sadr

The Shiite religious man Hussein Ismail Al-Sadr said on Monday that Al-Anbar has become the issue of the “The Free Iraqis” as a whole, and he pointed out that “the complexity of this issue is a result of the politicians’ greediness” and that military force alone is not sufficient to deal with terrorism, he thinks that the solution comes through “addressing the issue of Iraq as a whole and its fragile political identity through “a comprehensive national vision”.

Al-Sadr added in a statement issued today, that “the issue of Al-Anbar is the issue of all the free Iraqis, because Iraq is one, from north to south, and from east to west, with all Its diversity and its components, and what is happening in any part of the homeland, is happening in all Iraq”, adding that “Al-Anbar is not a complex issue, and that the complexity resulting from the complexity of the politicians themselves”.

The religious Shiite man said that “all people in my country want peace, and love reconstruction, and avoid problems”, adding, “We want to live safely, and we want to be free with our believes and our way of life, we all love each other, but the greediness of politicians is the mother of the problems, and the index of the scourge which we suffer”.

He asked “Is it reasonable to have been more than nine years on the fall of the dictatorship, and our politicians did not know the traditions of democracy?Where is the culture of the nation? Where is the culture of spirituality? Where is the culture of the harsh experience with the previous regime? Where is the culture of science and literature?”.

The religious authority considered that “the issue of Anbar is never alone, it is our issue, we all do not want Daash nor Al-Qaeda nor terrorism nor dictatorship nor militarism, and the expulsion of Daash and Its counterparts is a humanitarian necessity, not national only”, adding, “But does the cure is purely military?”.

Al-Sadr sees that “a quick read of history confirms that the hard force alone is not enough to deal with terrorism, terrorism is a face of coarse culture, and maybe the military solution is temporary, and might increase the ferocity of terrorism, not now but in the future”, and he continued, “We do not want a quick solution, we want a radical solution, compatibility is not a solution, compatibility might be the beginning of a solution, but not a final solution”.

The religious Shiite man continued saying, “the solution comes through addressing the issue of Iraq as a whole, not only solve the problem or the issue of Al-Anbar, there is a fragile political identity of Iraq, and there is turbulent and confused relationships with the neighboring countries”, he continued, “there is no solution to any problem of Iraq’s problems without presenting a national vision that address and solve the problem of Iraq as a whole”.

Al-Sadr added “the military solution is temporary, and there must be an economically, politically and socially solution” pointing out that “the issue of Ireland approached the solution when political, economic and social vision become available after the military solution was prevalent”.

The religious authority, Hussein Ismail Al-Sadr concluded that “the demand now is that all opinion owners have to write about this case, because it is our cause, and not confined to our people in Anbar”.