Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

Iraqi youth interpreters and translators, assert that: another Iraq is possible!

For the first time in Iraq a training session to train Iraqi youth volunteer on interpretation techniques. Within the accelerated preparations for the Iraqi Social Forum ISF which will be held in Baghdad, nineteenth volunteers (boys & girls) completed training in interpretation techniques.

The Preparatory Committee of the Iraqi Social Forum in cooperation with the International Solidarity Committee organized a training on interpretation techniques in Shaqlawa / Erbil from 24 to 29 of  August , included nineteen training of Iraqi youth , volunteered to be translators during the events of the forum . They were selected according to the criteria included proficiency in English fluently and voluntary commitment to work during the Forum. The training included young people from different ages and specialties. The goal is to develop their abilities and sharpen their skills in interpretation.


Training focuses on simultaneous interpretation techniques have been applied in practice by the participants under the supervision of international trainers, the translator Sergio from Spain, and Najwa from Tunisia. The trainers contributed in the World Social Forum in Tunisia, within the network (Bubbles) for international volunteer translators.

The trainers emphasized on the role of the translator in reviving the Social Forum Iraqi and they explained the ethics of interpretation profession and some common mistakes in interpretation, video clips were presented of different types and the trainees interpreted from English to Arabic and vice versa, then the performance of the trainee were discussed and assessing the strengths and weaknesses. The training also included practicing taking notes and drawing symbols when there is specific information and numbers during interpretation, general tips were given on the ethics of translator when working with colleagues and with the audience, and tips that help at work.


The training also developed good relations among all, the trainees were able to interact together and be as family supporting each other, even in difficult times of the training. The training also witnessed times of joy and entertainment when several gathering, picnics and birthday took place characterized by harmony and joy. The training built bridges between the trainees and trainers who participated in activities inside and outside the training framework.

At the end of the training there has been a general assessment of the training and the results were very positive and sometimes surprising.  Some of the most prominent says that had been said to the  Iraqi participants is:

We learned from you more than.. What you have learned from us … We learned from you how to live … despite the difficulties you face in Iraq …you still learning and giving … and enjoying …

We feel the ISF in safe hands.


Voluntary work is possible!

This workshop was held under voluntary initiatives, the trainers and the participants were volunteers ( unpaid ) while the information center provided assistance in securing the resort and training hall in Shaqlawa , otherwise the training could not be organized.

The  Norwegian Foundation Caribou through the initiative of solidarity with Iraqi civil society (ICSSI) secured the cost of movement and food throughout the day training  and with the supervision of Tammuz Organization for Social Development to organize.

The success of this workshop is a source of pride for all and it is an evidence that voluntary work is possible and that the Iraqi youth have the will to build: Another Iraq with peace and solidarity .

 As part of the follow – up to this workshop , participants create a team of interpreters within a social networking page  Facebook to communicate and share ideas about exercise and the necessary preparations for translators before the forum .

The coordination will continue with the volunteer committees and other forum , and thanks to everyone who contributed to this training.

Social Forum in Baghdad will be conducted  in the days 26-28 of this current month of September  , an opportunity for the international solidarity and to express the desire of Iraqis to build another Iraq , with peace, democracy , human rights and social justice. It is hoped that the forum held in building Qishleh and al-Baghdadi Cultural Center in Baghdad ‘s Mutanabi , and that young translators will be part of the success of this forum.

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