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Photo Designed Noor Al-Hussain Abd Al-Wahab

The Education Right, is an Empowering Right!

I went to school, read my lesson, had lunch.. Then I read what I wrote to my dad and he was happy about it.

It may sound like a normal text, but this text was translated from Sumerian, it’s for a student that lived 4000 years ago in Iraq.

Wissam Ibrahim, the executive manager of Ufuq Organization for Human Development, has made a study about the education right in Iraq, within the educational path of the Iraqi Social Forum and in Corporation with Karibu Foundation, ICSSI and the rest of the partners.

This book represents detailed information on the education reality in Iraq, that goes through the legal, development guarantees and its enforcement strategy.

You’ll find a group of tittles related to the topic, such as an evaluation of the legal budget dedicated to education and education quality, alongside with excellent recommendations after tackling the legal guarantees for education.

To read and download the book in Arabic, Click Here.
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