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Turkish Planes Launch Two Raids Near a Village in Aqra District of Dohuk


Turkish warplanes launched two consecutive raids, near the village of Membri in dinara district of Aqra district in Dohuk province.

At 14:27 and 14:45, Turkish warplanes bombed an area 2 km from the populated village of Membri, the director of Dinart district, Shaban Barwari, told Rudaw media network.
On the damage, the district manager noted that the shelling did not cause any casualties, but that it caused panic among residents due to the violent banging of the two raids.

On Thursday evening, Turkish warplanes bombed the vicinity of a village in The Kani Masi district of Al-Amediya/Amedi district, Dohuk province, without causing any casualties.

At 6:30 p.m. On Thursday (April 15, 2021), a Turkish plane bombed the plains around the village of Jalki in the area, Kani Masi district manager Serbst Sabri told Rudaw media network, adding that the Turkish raid caused no injuries, but caused panic among residents of the area, and caused material damage to agricultural
Turkish shelling has been continuing in various parts of Dohuk province for nearly 20 years, with Ankara saying it is targeting Kurdish Workers’ Party positions, but Turkish operations have killed 33 civilians in the past three years, along with material
On February 10, 2021, Ankara launched a four-day air operation on the Karh mountain range, although it officially announced the end of the operation, Turkey occasionally launches sporadic shelling in the