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A Journalist Remains Imprisoned in the Kurdistan Region

Sherwan Sherwani, a freelance journalist, is still imprisoned in the Kurdistan Region after Asayish forces arrested him more than two months ago. His fate remains unknown.

The regional government arrested Sherwani because of his reports which shed light on the deterioration of living situation in the region, and his disclosure of rampant corruption within the controlling political class.

Authorities in the region still refuse to announce where Sherwani is being held, nor have they announced the reasons for his arrest and detainment.

Sherwani’s wife, Mrs. Rogash Sherwani, has appealed to local authorities and the federal government through the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, in hopes of obtaining assistance in locating her husband and speeding up his release.

Reports from the Press Freedom Advocacy Association indicate an increase in the number of violations against journalists by regional authorities, especially since implementing of a policy which allows authorities to arrest journalists without issuing judicial warrants.

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association calls on the regional government to reveal the fate of Sherwani as well as the other detained journalists, insisting that they should be released immediately. It also calls on the international community to help to shed light on further violations committed in the region against journalists and activists.