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Media Observation Report on Iraqi Press Violations 2020

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq

The year 2020 was different at all levels, but for the press scene in Iraq, not much has changed in terms of the violations affecting them, despite the Corona pandemic which remains the main concern of the world and the crises it has caused in various fields, violations continue.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq recorded (305) cases of aggressions in various Iraqi cities, including assassinations, death threats and physical liquidation, arrests, detentions, assaults, beatings, prevention and obstruction of coverage, confiscation of equipment, armed attacks on journalists and media organizations, injuring journalists, as well as the closure of institutions.

Most of the cases were recorded with the measures of imposing a preventive curfew, overlooking the decision to exclude journalists from the bans, despite the high risk during the process of news and information, and having to roam the field, but this risk was met with the prevention of some security agencies, preventing coverage and other irregularities.

The association recorded (167) cases of beatings and preventing and obstructing coverage, which confirms the association’s view on restricting the freedom of journalistic work in the country.

As for the distribution of violations according to the provinces, 16 provinces have witnessed types of violations against journalists; where the capital Baghdad dominated the top as the most narrowing province on press freedom for the second year in a row, with (71) violations, followed by Kirkuk (58) cases.

The Kurdistan Region has seen a serious decline in press freedom, despite that local laws supporting freedom of the press and the media and the right to information have been endorsed, especially after recent protests calling for reforms in the region.

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Media Observation Report on Iraqi Press Violations