Baghdad – 25 December 2016

Since we believe in the values of peace and good citizenship in our country, as we want Iraq to be free and all its citizens to be equal in rights and duties, we find in sport an effective community tool to confront violence and entrench the principles of peaceful coexistence among people. Sport Against Violence-Iraq (SAVI) has organized its founding conference on Friday 25 December, 2016 in the headquarter of the Iraqi Social Forum, that was attended by the members of the organization as well as the founding members.

Ahmed Alaa, member of SAVI founding committee, opened the conference, explaining that the dream of founding this organization arose from the gathering of individuals who wanted to deliver a message of peace to the world and tried to assemble the highest possible number of people who believe in nonviolence from Iraq and other countries.

Alaa highlighted that, in many parts of the world, sports activities are considered as a chance to compete with each other. On the contrary, we think they represent an opportunity to strengthen the unity between Iraqi citizens and to confront all forms of intolerance. The commitment of athletes and people of different nationalities, religions, languages and cultures, to a free sport practice in the city of Baghdad and in the rest of the Iraqi cities, represents a challenge to the terrorism and the strength of Iraqi people, their faith in life and their willing to build a peaceful future.

During the conference, the internal regulation and other founding documents were presented and discussed, together with the most important issues related to the development of the organization. The administrative body, composed of five members, including two women, was also elected.

The founding of SAVI organization represents the culmination of many activities realized by Sport Against Violence team over the past years, until the second edition of Baghdad Marathon for Peace, held in Abu Nawas Street, on September 2016, during the activities of the Iraqi Social Forum.

It is worth mentioning that Sport Against Violence-Iraq is a non-profit organization in which membership is open to all Iraqis who have reached the legal age, athletes and non-athletes, girls and boys, old and young. SAVI is an independent organization, far from any political affiliation.


The Founding Committee