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Social Media as a Platform for Electronic Campaigns

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Under the project of “Paths to Coexistence in Mesopotamia,” the Iraqi Social Forum conducted a digital and social media training last week, 9-11 August 2018, for a group of young people from Hit, Ramadi, Falluja, and Diyala. The training was held over three days in the meeting hall of the Iraqi Social Forum in Baghdad.

The training was conducted by Yasmin Falah, and included teaching about the general framework of digital media and methods of campaign management on social media. The first day focused on the features of Facebook and how to use them in online campaign management. Models from prominent international Facebook pages were highlighted and discussed. The second day involved tackling case studies, by identifying a problem for a particular subject and then determining clear goals of the electronic campaign, while also building a monthly schedule to cover campaigns, festivals and promotion. The third day covered the management of dialogue on social media sites, and discussed visions, progress and development of Facebook pages among developers.

The training also discussed how to keep private and public accounts from being hacked. Abdulla Jassim, a trainee and Forum volunteer from Diyala province, gave a brief description of the special programs that protect devices and social media applications from hackers, and how to use firewalls that can keep devices from leaking information. The training closed with a discussion about how to create online forms on Facebook and Google.

The Iraqi Social Forum continuously seeks to develop the abilities of youth in a variety of fields. The Forum also works to develop leadership skills to help youth become leaders in their communities.

This training is part of “Social Coexistence of Mesopotamia” Project. It is being implemented by the Iraqi Social Forum and the Information Center for Research and Development, in collaboration with Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative and the Italian organization, Bridge To, and sponsored by the Swiss FAI Foundation.