Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

Kahramana Week for Women Across Baghdad

From 21-28 March Baghdad was the location for a week full of women’s rights campaigning, organized by Kahramana, the Women’s Rights path of the Iraqi Social Forum, run by Tammuz Organisation. The week kicked off with a Newroz picnic in celebration of the start of spring in the gardens of Abu Nawas near the statue of Shahrazad, on 21 March. This was a good occasion for people to get familiar with the women’s working group.

The next day, the working group held a training for candidates in the parliamentary elections which will take place on 12 May 2018. 25 female candidates running in the governorate of Baghdad participated. A similar workshop will be conducted later on in the Mashufna Center in Nasiriya, for female candidates in Dhi Qar.

Focusing on young women, the Kahramana Marathon was held in Zawra’a Park in Central Baghdad the following day, in cooperation with Sports Against Violence. The was an opportunity for young females to freely exercise sport in a public place.

On Saturday 24 March the working group organized an afternoon meeting to talk about women’s success stories in a “tea and talks” event and encourage other women. Many of these stories are often not highlighted or do not receive enough attention.

Then for two days in Baghdad the group distributed some leaflets against Gender-based-violence, as part of a 23-day international campaign to eliminate violence against women in the workplace. This was done in cooperation with the Social Justice working group and women volunteers.

Finalizing on 28 March a debate was organized on the upcoming parliamentary elections. Several members of these parties and blocs discussed their party’s electoral program especially on how they would improve women’s rights. This activity was held with the cooperation of Al-Amal Assocation.


Workshop to train female candidates for the parliamentary elections
“Tea and Talks” event
Marathon for young women.
Campaigning against gender-based violence.
Debate on the upcoming parliamentary elections.