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The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

Report “Freedom of Expression in Iraqi Kurdistan Region in 2016”


In the Kurdistan region of Iraq, freedom of expression have been violated in different ways, under the domestic laws, boundaries have been made to restrict the rights of strike and the freedom of association, centres and unions. That is why there have been many reports on human rights violations in the region. Despite of having many violations against the journalists and none of the journalism protection regulation have neither been implemented properly. We see journalists get killed and torched while their cases have never been revealed in the courts and the killers have not been identified.
Many TV channels have been shut down, journalists have been moving away from their location due to the threats they receive. The journalists also face beating, threats, exploitation and prevention from doing their duties. We clearly see how they have been deprived from getting information.
The None Governmental Organizations have been closed without orders from the court  , their members have been kicked out from the cities and they have not been allowed to defend themselves and strike. Activists and protesters have been prevented from their rights of expression and protesting. Due to their requests for having protests, they face sexual abuse threats of their family members.
Throughout working on this report, we have gotten how the economic, political and financial crises negatively impacted the condition of freedom of expression in the Kurdistan region.We see how it has been worsen, if we had seen a violation in a day in previous years; we see two violations in a day. That means the violation have doubled due to the crises. Human wrights have been violated publicly in the region intentionally with planning, and that is all due to using the power of security improperly with the journalists and activists.
Mainly, this report focuses on the conditions of freedom of expression in 2016 of the Kurdistan region. It explores the implementations of the international laws and standards of freedom of expression in the region, and how the domestic policies have been in favor of the freedom protection. It discusses the freedom of journalism, protesting, and the wrights of association and information access. Along with some suggestions and recommendation to support and make the situation better in freedom of expression and association in the Kurdistan region.

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