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Tigris Keepers workshop at the 3rd session of the Iraqi Social Forum

Ali Alkarkhi – Coordinator of Save the Tigris and Iraqi Marshes Campaign and Humat Dijla in Iraq

24 September 2016 , Baghdad

The volunteers team of “Humat Dijila” (Tigris Keepers) succeeded under difficult security and economic circumstances, to organize an activity during the conclusion of the Iraqi Social Forum’s third season. Volunteers team from Baghdad, Mosul , Nasriyah and Misan organized a stand dedicated for the Tigris and Marshes in Iraq which received a large group of visitors. In addition, there were three different open activities at Abu Nawas Park with the presence of internationals.

A picture with Iraqi heritage

Tigris Keepers team organized a special open booth for visitors to take pictures in Iraqi heritage. Visitors, men and women, could have their picture taken in traditional clothes against the backdrop of beautiful Iraqi heritage. The backgrounds consisted of paintings depicting heritage in all Iraqi governorates such as Tahrir monument in Baghdad, Malwiya in Samarra and Badir Shakir Al-Saiyab statue in Basra along with the Iraqi marshes. This booth received many Iraqi and international visitors from varies age groups, reflecting the interest of Iraqi families and foreigners in the folklore and heritage of Iraq.


Handmade Bazaar for the women of the Marshes

The team also organized a Bazaar of handcrafts, where four tents were erected. The bazaar consisted of a square and a rectangle carpet with an area of four square meters, large and small tote bags, wall paintings and covers for cushions; all up for sale. These were all made by the women from the Marshes (Al-Mustakbal feminist association), and the sales profits will be returned to them, hereby promoting their business.

Both the bezaar and the picture booth celebrated the heritage of southern Iraq.


Information stand of the Save the Tigris and Iraqi Marshes Campaign

Tigris Keepers had organized a stand for the Save the Tigris Campaign. It offered brochures, labels and posters about the campaign, describing its activities and objectives. The stand was able to spread further awareness and understanding about the threats the Iraqi Marshlands are facing. A large number of visitors expressed their interest.  Tigris Keepers had included a small exhibition of caricatures critical of the water policies of neighboring countries, in particular the construction of dams on shared rivers without consulting Iraq.

The team participated in the covergency assemblies under the banner of “Another Iraq is Possible”: another Iraq built on civic values and social justice. Tigris Keepers represents Save the Tigris Campaign as the main partner in Iraq.

The Save the Tigris and Iraqi Marshes Campaign released a statement following the 3rd session of the Iraqi Social Forum in Baghdad. Read it here.

Watch the video of the statement here.

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All Photos by : Salam Sallo

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