Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

Rescue the Kidnaped Women!


Hereby we express our deep concern about the number of kidnaped women and girls with ISIS terrorist group whom they form the great majority from those who have been affected negatively by the armed crises.

What is happening to the kidnaped women consists a clear violation of the International Human Rights Treaties, the escaped women from the detentions under ISIS’s control are telling horrible stories about the inhuman treatments by ISIS like raping, selling them in the slaves market, separating children from their mothers and using brainwashing mechanisms as part of their attempt to prepare them for terror activities especially the boys.

 Hence we demand all parties to take quick actions for rescuing the kidnaped Ezidies women, and taking the required measures for trialing the perpetrators of the horrible crimes committed against the minorities especially the women of them and considering the crimes as a genocide against the followrs of the Ezidian religious whom have been subjected to mass killings and destroying their social structure and connection from the lands they have displaced from.

The mentioned practices are considered explicit violation for the rights of the individuals belong to the minorities, especially the women whom have been subjected to raping and slavery, issues been prohibited by the conventions of the United Nations, its charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Therefore we demand the international community and the United Nations to work for:

First: Rescuing the women and girls whom have been kidnaped by ISIS immediately.

Second: The Iraqi Government should comply with its obligatory international commitments to protect the lives of its citizens during the occurrence of armed crisis according to the International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law.

Third: working toward preparing a suitable plan which fits the government’s strategic plan for the implementation of the articles of the resolution 1325 about women during the armed conflicts.

Fourth: ensuring physical, psychological and health protection of women and girls and working toward the elimination of all aftereffects of the armed conflict and ensuring effective institutional arrangements for their protection and fully participation in the international peace process, peacekeeping and security.

Fifth: working toward the unification of the data and information about the aftereffects of the armed conflict on the kidnapped women and girls.

Sixth: because of the attacks, tragedy, catastrophes and disasters happened to the Ezidian families in Sinjar and Nainawa Plane without being protected, hence we demand to ensure an international protection for the Ezidies and other minorities after liberating their areas.

Seventh: working seriously to recognize the genocide campaign on the international level to ensure the rights of Ezidies and trialing the perpetrators of the mentioned crimes and those who are supporting them financially.