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The Iraqi Alliance for Education (IAE) Call for the Protection of Displaced Students and Teaching Staff in North and West Iraq

The Iraqi Alliance for Education (IAE) appeals to:

Iraqi Government, KRG government, United Nation and the international community, Iraqi and international NGOs

to protect displaced students and teaching staff in north and west Iraq.

Following is the text of the appeal:


طلاب نازحين - الموصل

Subject /an Appeal


Iraq –June 23rd 2014


The Iraqi Alliance for Education ” IAE ” is one of the alliances of NGOs that are specified in Education domain are appealing  the Iraqi president ,all UN agencies ,all International organization and all local NGOs that are focusing and specialized in education to take care of Iraqi students who fled with their families to other safer governorates due to the critical satiations and the bad security to their governorates which they witnessed recently like ( Niniva ,Salahiddin ,Alanbar ,Diala and Hawija) which led to displace about 200000 students with their families and they left their studies  for year of 2013-2014  (from  universities ,scholastics and institutes ) ,accordingly we requested the Government to secure the followings:

1-    Secure the protection to educational and teaching staff to continue its work.

2-    Receiving the students of universities, institutes and schools in the governorates were they took refuge in it.

3-     Opening temporarily classrooms in camps to continue their studies.

4-    Find out the solutions to support the teachers and the academics financially and to secure their salaries because this is their rights.

5-    Providing food supplies and educational materials that they lost during their displacement during the bombing


Signed by:

The Iraqi Institution for Development IID (Niniwa)
Al-Mesalla NGO (Erbil)
Bent Al-Rafedain Organization BRO (Babil)
Alkheir Humanitarian Org (Mysan)
Alsalam association (Baghdad)
Bint Al fulat organization for development of woman abilities (Baghdad)
Civil Development Org CDO (Suliamaniya)
Kurdistan Civil Rights Organization (Duhok)