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DONATE NOW: Water Emergency in Qaraqosh (Bakhdeda) and Karemlesh – 22 June 2014

Appeal by Un ponte per…

Update of June 29 – Some 70% of Christian IDPs from Qaraqosh and Karemlesh (Ninewa Region, Hamdaniya – Mosul), who recently fled to Ankawa due to fights between ISIS/ISIL forces and KRG military forces, have gone back to their homes after an appeal by the Syriac Catholic Patriarch, H.E. Iohan III.
The situation of water and power supply is still very critical in the two towns, since the supply from Mosul has been stopped. Food supplies in the fridges are going wasted. Fuel supply is also very limited.
In Qaraqosh local inhabitants are reported to reach at present the total number of 40,000 people. In the last few days prior to the fighting they were given some kits of drinkable water through voluntary channels and UN agencies. The same happened in Karemlesh, where the total number of people is at present reported to be less than 1,000.


Ten wells of drinkable and clean water are in place, but the two communities have run out of gasoil to pump out the water. The inhabitants themselves have been struggling in the last days trough self taxation in order to ensure distribution of water, but now they are running out of resources and three wells are stopped already.
Official requests have been sent to Institutional Donors, but the response needs to be faster. About 40,000 people are without water and, with present weather conditions; the situation gets critical in terms of health.

In order to ensure water distribution to 40,000 people for 15 days, we need:

  • 10 tank trucks for drinkable water and clean water running for 15 days: USD 6,750
  • 25,000 gasoil liters in order to run the wells engines: 20,700 USD

Total needed to give water for 15 days to 40,000 people is USD 27,450.

Please donate now and give your help to the population in Qaraqosh and Karemlesh.


For donations in Erbil (KRG-Iraq):                                                           For donations in Italy:


 Account number   0856745
Bank name IBL Bank s.a.l.
USD IBAN (LB20) 0052 0067 0025 7608 0039 2012
EURO IBAN (LB89) 0052 0067 0555 7608 0039 2012
Reason Iraq Emergency


Beneficiary name Associazione Un ponte per…
Account number Account 100790
Bank name BancaPopolareEtica
IBAN IT52 R050 1803 2000 0000 0100 790
Reason Iraq Emergency