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Faiza Babakhan: Jaafari Personal Status Law Cannot be Passed Unless if the Minister of Justice Accepted the Marriage of his Daughters in the Age of Nine!

BAGHDAD – “Arenas of Liberation

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The legal researcher Faiza Babakhan criticized the government’s decision to vote on the draft of Jaafari personal status law and submit it to the parliament, saying that it establishes an ethnic sectarian country that divide Iraq to more than ten states.

Bapakhan added in a lecture she delivered in the Cultural Forum of Baghdad International Fair for book, “The Personal Status Law of 1959, and currently in force, is one of the finest laws, written in the golden period by the hands of excellent experts and is exemplary in many countries of the world.”

She added that “the real motives that prompted the Minister of Justice to put the draft of the law, is the electoral motives, the fact that the upcoming elections on the doorstep, and some parties wanted to exploit sectarian feelings and emotions of the people”.

She believed that “the draft law will not pass at all, unless if the Minister of Justice (Hassan ِAl-Shammari, the owner of the law) accepted the marriage of his daughters at the age of nine, and this is what would be the lead towards the injustice faced by the community and makes it subjected to international conventions and laws on women’s rights and childhood rights”.