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No for “D’Hondt” method, the vote’s robber!

Sunday, 21/07/2013

Argument is continuing over the law of the next House of Representatives’ elections, where only a few months separate us from holding it, the House of Representatives is demanded to resolve the matter through unison with the decision of the Federal Court, to begin to proceed in the actual preparation for it, and to let people say their word through the ballot box to choose the best, and to exclude promise breakers, and those whom the suspicions of corruption revolves around them, as well as the inactive people and laggards.

The House of Representatives, in particular, and specifically, should implement the decision of the Federal Court, who decided the unconstitutionality of forcing the vote of voters to lists that they did not originally elected, which constitutes the confiscation of the free will of the voter and his freedom of choice, and a violation of the Constitution and what has been ensured for the freedom of the citizens.

The fact that the House of Representatives representing all shades and colors of the Iraqi people, therefore his main duty was to monitor the performance of the executive authority and the legislation of laws in a way that supports orientation to build a democratic, federal, independent and stable Iraq, that ensures the interests of all its citizens, not taking into account the interests of this or those blocs instead of the public interest of the country.


This requires the House of Representatives to find a mechanism that protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, and to implement the Federal Court decision in form and content, without wrapping or rotation or attempt to repeat the robbing of voters under new mechanisms’ headings. As we are talking now about “D’Hondt” method, the available indicators to the elections experts and national and international bodies, says that this method allows the transferring of votes from the unsuccessful candidates to the winning blocs and in a high proportion, and this is incompatible with the contents of the Federal Court decision, and means the repeating of the same atmosphere of the past elections of 2010, which has been rejected by the Court decision, who was returned the usurped rights along with large blocs of unlawfully or legal justification, and here they are today want to return the ball to continue to dominate and exclusivity and restrictions on others.

The method of “D’Hondt” which bodes by some, is not what people looks for, the people who had previously participated in a massive campaign titled “Do not steal my voice” in an effort to get things back to normal, which was responded by the federal court, that is now has the responsibility of a large monitoring and follow up on the implementation of its decision, to ensure that no manipulations are to be done under a new glamorous titles.

Also, people who refused to confiscate their voices to none of whom they elected, are essential for them and for civil society organizations and bodies of public opinion, to continue the pressure and actions to ensure proper implementation of the Federal Court decision by the House of Representatives, away from the pressures of large blocs who are seeking to secure their illegal interests and influences, and to marginalize others, especially the civil and democratic forces.


Hence, the need for starting and breadth the opposed movement to the method of “D’Hondt”, the vote’s robber, has raised. And this movement has included the representatives who had previously opposed the “legislation of votes stealing” and stood against it. The thing we also hope by the blocs and parties and personalities, that wants to equity the electoral rolls, small and large ones, and to ensure that they get their share of seats according to the actual maturity, to have the next House of Representatives who will be truly representative of all Iraqi people.

The method of “Saint Lego” guided to by the Council of Representatives and applied in the provincial elections, is relatively fair according to the experts and specialists themselves, which is the most in line with the decision of the Federal Supreme Court, and the one that the House of Representatives expressed their interest in to be committed to and to apply.

By: political editor, Tariq Al-Shaab (Path of the People) newspaper