Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) is dedicated to bringing together Iraqi and international civil societies through concrete actions to build together another Iraq, with peace and Human Rights for all.

Iraqi and International NGOs Appeal for Justice in the Case of Jalal Dhiab

jalal thyabICSSI joins the call for justice from local and International Organizations in iraq. We join the call from IKV Pax Christi and local NGO’s below in strongly condemning the assassination of Jalal Dhiab, director of the ‘Ansar al-Huriyya’ association, which took place in al-Zubayr, Basra province, on Friday 26 April. We also join the call upon the Iraqi authorities to investigate this targeted killing and bring the perpetrators to justice. Freedom of association and freedom of speech are the cornerstones of a democratic society and essential for the work of civil society in any country. The protection of these freedoms and the people that promote them should be a priority of the Iraqi government, and all possible efforts to fight impunity of crimes against human rights defenders should be taken immediately. Representatives of civil society organizations; the below signatories, condemn the assassination in Basrah on 26 April 2013 of the activist, Jalal Dhiyab; the President of the Supporters Humanitarian Liberty Association, one of the outstanding defenders of human rights in Iraq, who has devoted much of his life to defend the rights of the black community for full citizenship, and his legitimate claim to address the culture of discrimination and the rights of black citizens in political representation and participation in public life, draw a road map for the achievement of equality and the promotion of political representation and participation in public life, draw a road map for the achievement of equality and the promotion of citizenship rights for all components in the process of building a democratic system in Iraq. In 2011, he was honored by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) as a prominent defender of human rights in Iraq. While we condemn this criminal act, we call on the Iraqi Government to open an investigation to find out the perpetrators and bring them to justice, thus confirming the principle of justice and non impunity. At the same time, we request relevant authorities to provide protection for human rights activists and defenders of civil peace, whom are easy targets for extremists in the chaos, armed violence, and sharp political division at the current critical period that prevails in our country. Baghdad, April 30th 2013 Signed by 56 NGO’s: 1. Iraqi Al-Amal Association 2. Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity 3. Masarat Foundation for Cultural and Media Development 4. Al Firdous Iraqi Association 5. Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights 6. Salam Al-Rafidain Organization 7. Iraqi Women Journalist’s Forum 8. Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq 9. National Human Rights Institution in Iraq 10. Rafidain Women Coalition 11. Tammuz Organization for Social Development 12. Jurists Organization for Human Rights Advocacy 13. Fatima House Charity Women 14. The Civil Center for Studies and Legal Reform 15. Iraqi Women’s League 16. Iraqi Association for Human Rights 17. Love and Peace Forum for Students and Young in Anbar 18. Information Center for Research and Development 19. Ur Organization for Women’s and Children’s Culture 20. Assyrian Cultural Association 21. Engineering Professions Union 22. Takadom Peace Center 23. Burj Babel for Media Development 24. NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq 25. National Union of Iraqi Journalists 26. Iraqi Minorities Council 27. Azidi Solidarity and Fraternity League 28. Alliance of Iraqi Minorities 29. Iraq Foundation for Development and Human Rights 30. Al-najda Social Association 31. Al-Mesalla Organization for Human Resources Development 32. Women for Peace 33. Shabak Intellectuals Association 34. Association for Women and Children in Iraq 35. Baghdad Women’s Association 36. February Youth Movement 37. Bur Development Center 38. Sawah Organization for Human Rights 39. Women’s Rights Center in Samawah 40. al Mawaddah Organization for Human Rights 41. Al Fajr Aljadeed Organization 42. The Iraqi Cultural Connection Foundation 43. Together Organization for Human Rights 44. Peace Here Organization for Human Rights 45. Khawla Bint Al Azwar Feminist Association 46. Al Nahrain Cultural Organization 47. Bent Alrafedain Organization 48. We all Iraq Group 49. Al Hawraa Association for Women Rehabilitation 50. Al Kawthar Association to Help Needy Families 51. Um El Yateem Organization 52. Women’s Humanitarian Rights Center 53. Assyrian Women’s Union 54. Democratic Women Organization 55.  Ashur for Development and Human Rights 56. Shaaub Establishment for Democracy Culture