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The Social and Political Roles of Girls and Women During the New Coronavirus Epidemic

A Webinar by the “She Revolution” Group

In light of the spread of the Coronavirus and the institution of home quarantine throughout Iraq, for two weeks and possibly continuing much longer, girls and women bear double burdens these days. They are activists, still engaged in social and political life, especially because of their important roles in the protest movement that aims to change and reform the Iraqi political system. But they are also students trying to learn at a difficult time, employees and workers at various levels, professionals, politicians, and legislators.

And, Iraqi women remain the pillars of our families and the foundation of stability in our homes. Now, this includes additional responsibilities for the health of all family members, making sure that their food and supplies are sterilized and countless other demands that are part of our new daily routines. The Coronavirus epidemic is putting great pressure on all members of our society, but especially on girls and women.

She Revolution is organizing a webinar to discuss the social and political roles of girls and women in the time of the Coronavirus epidemic in Iraq. We believe it is a priority for us to discuss this topics and that doing so will make all of Iraqi civil society stronger and safer.

the webinar will Discuss the following:

1- The current conditions of girls and women, and the need for future political and social guarantees to build an inclusive and just government and to insure girls’ and women’s equal participation in formal political spaces and the broader civil society, this part will be discussed with the activist Abrar Al-Ani, the activist Ludia Rimon and lawyer and the activist Iman Abdel Rahman

2- The employment and economic concerns of girls and women, highlighting ways to build social solidarity and cooperation among different groups within Iraqi society and the roles that girls and women can play as Iraq continues to face the challenges of the Coronavirus epidemic.this part will be discussed with the two activists, Enas Jabbar and Hussein Habib

The webinar is open to all activists of both genders, all ages, and all provinces of Iraq

Time : Tuesday, April 7 , 4:00 PM

“She Revolution” is a feminist, social platform that is active in civil society, independent and open to all the initiatives that share its vision and goals. The platform works to create initiatives and activities that encourage girls and women to effective civil work and political participation and to carry out various campaigns for the benefit of diverse social strata.