Welcome to the Workers Rights and Freedom of Association Campaign!

Who we are:  We are a coalition of local and International unions organizing international efforts to pressure for a new labor law.

Our Challenge: Iraqi workers face threats, fines, demotions, travel restrictions, and arrest as they work to organize trade unions. The government frequently interferes in internal union affairs. Suppression of workers’ rights has been most severe in the oil sector. Lack of a just labour law, consistent with internationally recognized workers’ rights, is the most important obstacle the Iraqi labour movement faces. Iraq’s current labour law, which dates back to Saddam’s era, classifies most Iraqi workers as civil servants and prohibits them from forming unions. ICSSI members have pledged to work together to pressure the Iraqi parliament to pass a new labour law with the modifications to the draft law that were previously agreed upon by Iraqi labour leaders.

Objectives of the Campaign: We have to support the local workers on their actions, demonstrations and demands to the Iraqi government and oil companies. We call on labour movements outside Iraq to organize broad international support for our efforts to win this new labour law.

Ways you can get Involved:

  • We want to make information accessible about the Workers Rights in Iraq. Here you can find Document and Resources.
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  • Sign to demand that the Iraqi Government drop charges against oil union leader, end repression of unions and respect worker rights from here.
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 Hassan Juma’a thanks the international unions and the ICSSI

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